Here is an overall look at my rates to place a commission with me or to hire me as a Freelance graphic/web designer | Penciller | Inker | Tutor | Blogger. Please refer to it as a guide and let me know what would be perfect for you.

Each section is separated by specialization. Note that every case is different and so it is preferable to contact me in private. For questions regarding my writing, aside from what is available on the website, I would recommend you to go to my Author Website.

If you have questions concerning Gothic Bite Magazine, well, click HERE

*** I am a very flexible artist and designer as well as author. I do take payment plans.***

I do take payments through PayPal and always work with my clients to achieve the best work possible. I am quite affordable and work fast. As mentioned in my other sections, I own the Adobe Creative Suite as well as Clip Studio Paint and Blender. 

Here are my rates…


I master both Wix and WordPress. I can build your website from the ground up. Because each project varies in need and presentation, I work by hour. Sometimes, I can offer a fixed price depending on the project itself and what it consists. 

Graphic Design

Branding: Logo | Stationery | Poster | Bookmarks | Vector | Pixels | Wallpaper.
Resolution: 1200 dpi.
Files: PSD | EPS | PDF | PNG | JPEG | LIP
Price: $85.00 USD

Logo Font: $25.00 USD.
Logo Drawing: $65.00 USD.

Book Covers: Photoshop | 3D | Font | Poster | Illustration | Background | Picture.
Resolution: 1200 dpi.
Files: PSD | EPS | PDF | PNG | JPEG | LIP

Book Cover PSD + Photo provided: $25.00 USD.
Book Cover PSD + Research: $45.00 USD.
Book Cover Illustration Simple: $45.00 USD.
Book Cover Illustration Complex: $65.00 USD +.

Book Layout

E-Book: Kindle | Kobo | iBooks | Etc.
Everything Included: $25.00 USD.
Layout + Placement: $45.00 USD.

Book Trailer

iTunes 90 Seconds Compatible: YouTube | Facebook | Website | Tumblr.
Picture + Music Included: $30.00 USD.
Picture + Music Needed: $50.00 USD.

Narration of Novels

Pages per Hour: 30 pages.
Price: $20.00 USD / Hour.
Program: Quick Time.
Converted: .MP3
Equipment: Microphone Nessie & iHome Headphones.

Web Design

Hour Rate: $25.00 USD / Hour.
Platform Change: $30.00 USD / Hour.


Commission Types

Portrait Specialization: Superheroes | Star Trek | True Blood | Assassin’s Creed | Mythology | Paranormal | Lord of the Rings | The Hobbit.

Specs: 11″x17.” 
Length: Head to Hip.
Resolution: 600 dpi.
Files: PNG | PDF | JPEG.
Price: $65.00

Animal Specialization: Panthers | Reptiles | Canines | Fish | Bruins | Elephants.

Specs: 11″x17.” 
Length: Head to Hip.
Resolution: 600 dpi.
Files: PNG | PDF | JPEG.
Price: $65.00.

Fan Art Variations

Superheroes: Batman| Red Hood | Red Robin | Joker | Spider-Man| Wolverine | Sinestro| Darkseid | Superman| Raven | Starfire | Poison Ivy.

Walt Disney: The Lion King | The Lion Guard | Beauty and the Beast | The Little Mermaid | The Nightmare Before Christmas | Atlantis.

Hotel Transylvania: Mavis | Wendy | Aunt Lydia | Uncle Gene | Pedro | Hank N. Stein.

Random: Jem and the Holograms | Ice Age | Young Justice | Bob’s Burgers| Lady Oscar | How To Train Your Dragon.

*** I accept other kind of fandoms as long as I am provided with pictures. ***

Comic Book Style: $35.00 USD to $45.00 USD.
Cartoon Style: $35.00 USD to $45.00 USD.

Comic Book

Penciller: Starting at $45.00/page to $85.00 USD / Page USD.
Inker: Starting at $45.00 USD / Page to $85.00 / Page USD.
Coloring: Starting at $25.00 USD / Page to $65.00 / Page USD.

Character  Conception

Specialization: Superhero | Video Game | Paranormal | Historical | Cartoon.

Torso: $35.00 USD.
Head to Hip: $50.00 USD.

Video Conference 

If required or upon request.

30 minutes: $15.00 USD.
60 minutes: $25.00 USD.


Abuse | Rape | Sexual Intercourse | Molestation | Alcoholism | Drug Addiction | Pedophilia | Nude | Partially Nude | Kissing other than Lips.


My experience in writing and diploma in Proofreading & Editing allows me to be of great help in a wide variety of writing.

Blog Article: Science | DC Comics | Graphic Design | Adobe | Paranormal | History | Science Fiction | Fantasy | Literature | etc.

Per Word: $25.00 / 450 words.


Please refer to the Workshop section to see what I have to offer in groups of eight (8) students and if wanting something I do not offer but might be of assistance, please take a look at my rates and contact me in private.

Mentoring One on One

Writing: Video Game | Novel | Fan Fiction | LARP | Comic Book | Etc.
1 Hour: $25.00 USD.
8 Classes: $21.25 USD x 8 = $170.00 USD.

Illustration: Anatomy | Pencilling | Inking | Characters | Digital Drawing Basics | Etc.
1 Hour: $20.00 USD.
8 Classes: $17.00 USD x 8 = $136.00 USD.


My rate is backed by my education and skills developed over the years. I am flexible and do accept payment plans. This is the way I proceed with payment and projects once we have agreed upon the work that needs to be done.


I accept half the payment before the work.
When ready to send the work, the other half of the payment is delivered.


I accept a third of the payment before the work.
When halfway into the work, another payment is accepted.
Upon delivery the work and last payment is exchanged.

Monthly Payments

When a client requires my services but cannot pay in half or third, I offer a monthly payment. The amount is then separated in six to twelve months depending on the work that is required.

If you need more information or wish to have a quote, please contact me!

The OCD Nerd,
Alexa Wayne